Paula Riff

Artist Bio

Paula Riff’s first career did not involve taking pictures.  After college, she lived in Tokyo, Japan for several years and upon her return to the states became an interpreter for Japanese film production companies in Los Angeles.  She switched careers while landing an internship at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the photo department. During the same period she worked at the California Institute of the Arts, taking photos for the school’s publications. She has also worked as a still photographer on a number of independent Hollywood films. Paula finds passion and inspiration photographing everything from people to landscapes and still life. She loves to hand paint black and white photographs and while she uses a variety of cameras, her new work finds her cameraless: coating her own papers and using the sun to make photograms.

Paula's work has appeared in a viariety of galleries and group shows ithroughout the United States and is also in private collections.